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In the days leading up to the US premiere of The Matrix resurrections In San Francisco on December 18, rumors began to circulate that the film was part of a new trilogy. There were rumors that back-to-back takes could occur and that a spin-off series based on a character called Bugs, a break in the film played by Jessica Henwick, was in the works for HBO Max.

Henwick said she would be open to more Matrix if the opportunity presented itself. “I loved playing Bugs,” he said. The Hollywood Reporter at the premiere. “I would love to see where it goes. I think it’s validated in this movie because [my character] believes Neo is alive and that comes true. So yes, I would definitely love to visit her again. “

However, HBO Max insiders insist there is no series in development. And the sequels to the Warner Bros. reboot movies may also be flawed. Sources say THR That star Keanu Reeves has no sequel options, and it’s unclear if director Lana Wachowski wants to do more.

It’s no wonder Warner Bros. and sister company HBO Max are downplaying such speculation: Matrix resurrections, which reportedly cost $ 190 million or more to produce, has gone bust at the box office, grossing $ 106 million globally since its release on Dec. 22. The film fell 64 percent in its second frame, by far the biggest drop in the top 10. The divisive film earned a “B-” audience survey rating from Cinemascore and is rated 64 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Another reason for the drop is the film’s availability on HBO Max. The streamer won’t reveal viewership numbers, but sources suggest that The Matrix is ​​in the top five most-viewed HBO Max movies (a group that certainly includes Wonder Woman 1984, Godzilla vs. Kong Y Suicide squad). Matrix resurrections It needed older moviegoers, considering it was released more than 20 years after The Matrix debuted. But no one was counting on such fierce competition from Spider-Man: No Way Home or the dominance of the new omicron COVID-19 variant, which has scared older consumers even more.

“The fact that Resurrections Your big goal also doesn’t help attract new audiences. The truth is that the multiplexer masses disagreed, “says box office analyst Jeff Bock.

Getting someone to forecast the future of the Matrix series is really a difficult task. At this point, it’s far from a spoiler to reveal that Wachowski and her Matrix resurrections Writing partners David Mitchell and Aleksandar Hemon included more than a nod at how the film came about. In the early moments, Thomas Anderson of Reeves finds himself as a celebrated video game designer and the creator of a wildly popular Matrix series. He is quickly summoned by his boss, Smith, played by Jonathan Groff, to focus on a sequel. “Things have changed, the market is tough. I’m sure you can understand why our beloved parent company Warner Bros. has decided to make a sequel to the trilogy, “says Smith at the time of mimicking the art. “They informed me that they are going to do it with or without us.”

The dialogue is said to be inspired by actual conversations Lana and her sister Lilly had with Warner in the years since the franchise’s previous installment, 2003. The Matrix Revolutions, which raised $ 427 million globally.

Asked by THR At the San Francisco premiere, if she would do any more Matrix movies, Lana smiled and was silent for a moment before saying goodbye. “I’ll put my feet down now,” he said, playfully ending the interview and moving on to the next green carpet talk.

Pamela McClintock contributed to this report.

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