UW System interim president Tommy Thompson is resigning

UW System Acting President Tommy Thompson will resign from his position effective March 18.

He announced his imminent departure to the UW Board on Friday, as the search committee tasked with finding a permanent chairman anticipates that he will appoint an employee sometime in February.

“I was honored to be asked by the Board of Regents to serve as chairman of the system, especially in what may have been its darkest moment,” Thompson wrote in his resignation letter. “Although we challenge on many fronts, we work together to continue to provide the quality of education that our students deserve and parents expect.”

Plus:Far from being a placeholder, Tommy Thompson is leading the UW system through a difficult stretch with ideas, persuasion and an optimistic attitude.

Thompson said he is satisfied with what he has accomplished in his position and was submitting his resignation letter to allow the board and system staff time to prepare for the onboarding process for the next president.

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