Trump news – latest: Trump insists Mar-a-Lago raid a ‘hit job’ ahead of special master hearing

Obstruction emerges as key focus in Trump documents probe

In a new interview this morning, Donald Trump has boasted that the story of the documents found at Mar-a-Lago has increased his poll numbers, and also warned that his supporters are “really angry” and “aren’t going to stand for Este”.

Mr Trump has also accused the Justice Department of staging an already infamous photo of classified documents seized at his residence, but appears to have pivoted away from claiming the documents were planted, instead acknowledging that they were indeed stored at his residence while still claiming without evidence that he had declassified them.

The ex-president’s bragging comes after a new filing from his legal team failed to clarify their objections to the FBI’s search at Mar-a-Lago. Mr Trump’s lawyers are seeking the appointment of a special master to review the seized documents for materials covered by attorney-client privilege, but a review to the same effect has already been completed by a law enforcement filter team.

The document submitted yesterday by the Trump team in response to a devastating Department of Justice filing has been ridiculed by legal experts as inconsistent and unconvincing.


Trump slates Mitch McConnell

Donald Trump is not a fan of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and the feeling is entirely mutual. If there were any doubts about that, here’s a clip from Mr Trump’s interview this morning, where he credits himself for Mr McConnell’s easy re-election win in 2020 (when Mr Trump lost) and blames him for the poor performance of the current Republican Senate slate in midterm election polls.

“He raises money and he hands it out to senators,” Mr Trump said, “and that’s how he keeps power…The party is furious at him.”


Watch: Sarah Palin reacts to Alaska loss

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin appeared frustrated after losing the special election to fill the state’s only House seat to Democrat Mary Peltola.

Referring to the state’s ranked-choice voting system, the 2008 Republican Vice Presidential nominee was caught on video saying: “When it comes down to second and third place votes, that’s going to decide who’s going to win?”

“I mean, really? Alaskans want [President] Joe Biden and [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi? she asked.

Sarah Palin reacts to losing Alaska house race

A former state legislator, Ms Peltola will become the first native Alaskan in Congress since the state joined the US in 1959 and the first Democrat to represent the state in almost 50 years.

Ms Peltola will serve until January for the remainder of this Congress. She and Ms Palin will face off again in November in another ranked-choice contest for a full two-year term in Washington.

Gustaf Kilander have the story.


No updates from inside court, report says

It seems like there will be radio silence while the hearing takes place.

Gustaf Kilander is tracking news out of West Palm Beach.


Trump ‘special master’ hearing underway soon

Attorneys representing former President Donald Trump and the Department of Justice are now in the courtroom for the hearing on the “special master” to oversee the documents found at Mar-a-Lago.

Here’s our earlier reporting on the Trump team request for a special master:


ICYMI: Trump to hand over records to Congress after five-year battle

Donald Trump and his accounting firm have reached an agreement with the House Oversight Committee for lawmakers to receive key financial records as part of a long-running probe into his disclosures and conflicts of interest, the chair has announced.

“After numerous court victories, I am pleased that my Committee has now reached an agreement to obtain key financial documents that former President Trump fought for years to hide from Congress,” committee chair Carolyn Maloney announced on 1 September.

The agreement follows a 2019 subpoena for financial records to his accounting firm Mazars USA, which will help the committee “get to the bottom of former President Trump’s egregious conduct and ensure that future presidents do not abuse their position of power for personal gain,” according to Congresswoman Maloney.


NRSC chair defends flailing candidates

Rick Scott, the Florida Senator overseeing the GOP’s campaign to retake the US Senate in November, has been under heavy attack lately as a number of the party’s candidates show signs of floundering in key races. Among the seats in play are Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Ohio; if Republicans were to lose all five, the result would be a net Democratic gain of two.

As stories emerge of concerns among the party leadership about “candidate quality”, Mr Scott has now hit out to defend himself and those he has helped to recruit and (to some extent) fund while criticizing those in his party who are badmouthing them.

Ultimately…when you complain and lament that we have “bad candidates,” what you are really saying is that you have contemplated for the voters who chose them. Now we are at the heart of the matter. Much of Washington’s chattering class disrespects and secretly (or not so secretly) loathes Republican voters.

These self-appointed “smart guys” in Washington think they (not the voters) should be able to choose our candidates. The DC crowd should not choose candidates, and they do not, and they will not. The DC crowd did not choose me and actively opposed me in 2010 when I ran for governor in the Florida Republican primary. If the DC crowd was right, I wouldn’t be in the Senate.

Here’s his full Washington Times op-ed.


Emails show Ginni Thomas pressured Wisconsin officials after 2020 vote

The wife of a Supreme Court justice was active in not just one but two states as she sought to overturn the rightful results of the 2020 election in favor of Donald Trump, new emails show.

Washington Post reported on Thursday that Ms Thomas emailed at least two elected lawmakers in Wisconsin, urging them to back the plot for a vote to “decertify” the state’s election results (which is not something the state legislature can legally do) in favor of a slate of Trump-supporting “electors” who would go to Washington and cast Electoral College votes for Donald Trump instead of Joe Biden.

The plan never bore fruit, but was in motion until the hours before January 6 when a Trump campaign lawyer contacted the top deputy to Ron Johnson, Wisconsin’s GOP senator, and urged him to have his boss hand the slate of electors over to Vice President Mike Pence in person. The deputy refused.


Trump peeved that FBI photo makes him look like a slob

In his interview with Real America’s Voice this morning, Donald Trump gave his latest thoughts on the FBI’s photo of the documents found in his office – and like his lawyers, he appears more concerned with the presentation of the photo and what it supposedly implies about his tidniness than he is with what it reveals.


Trump lawyers agree that special master should have security clearance

The days when the Trump team argued at every turn that the Mar-a-Lago documents were not sensitive appear to be over. For evidence of that, here’s a key sentence from their widely ridiculed filing last night, in which they agree that the special master they want to see appointed to cover the documents should have a sufficient security level to read them.


Pat Cipollone and former deputy to appear before Jan 6 grand jury

Having already testified at length to the Jan 6 select committee this summer, former White House counsel Pat Cipollone is set to appear tomorrow before the federal grand jury agreed by Justice Department prosecutors to investigate efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

Mr Cipollone will be joined by his former deputy Pat Philbin. Both were subpoenaed to appear; they are key figures in the narrative of the events leading to the Capitol riot since they directly counseled the president and his close aides that the plan to have Mike Pence throw the results out of Congress was illegal.

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