Trish Stratus Gets Physical With Top Raw Stable At WWE House Show

WWE has spent the last couple of days touring around Canada. During this time, we’ve seen Canadian stars like Sami Zayn have the crowd rally behind them, including Kevin Owens making a special appearance after “SmackDown” went off the air. The Canadian star power doesn’t end there though, as last night at a house show, ahead of her scheduled Monday Night “Raw” appearance, WWE Hall of Famer, Trish Stratus, made a special appearance.

During the live event in Kingston, Quebec, Canada, WWE “Raw” Women’s Champion, Bianca Belair took on IYO SKY. SKY’s allies Bayley and Dakota Kai got involved in the match, causing Belair to retain her title via a disqualification victory. Asuka and Alexa Bliss came out to even the odds alongside former WWE Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus. Stratus helped Bliss and Asuka fight off SKY, Bayley, and Kai, before helping Belair up to her feet for her and celebrating with the trio.

This is Stratus’ first WWE appearance since her short run throughout 2018 and 2019. In early 2018, Stratus appeared in the very first WWE Women’s Royal Rumble and made sporadic appearances for the company until the all-women’s Evolution PPV where she and Lita defeated Micki James and Alicia Fox. In 2019, Stratus returned for what is currently her last wrestling match taking on Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam, a match in which Stratus lost. However, she did receive a standing ovation from her home crowd in Toronto.

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