The Weeknd New Album Linked To Angelina Jolie

At this point, If The Weeknd It is not dating Angelina Jolie, then he sure is making fun of us.

In June 2021, rumors began to circulate that the couple was dating after they were seen dining together in Los Angeles.

Junko Kimura / Getty Images

(Because yeah, this is Hollywood, so showing up in a public space with someone means you’re dating.)

THEN, two weeks later, they were seen together at a concert.

And finally, to really drive the dating rumors home, they went back to the same restaurant where they were first seen for another possible date in September. Obviously, people have been desperate for answers.

And now, it looks like we could finally have them. On The Weeknd’s newest album, Sunrise FM, which premiered today, sing Quite lines that fans think directly refer to Angelina …

For starters, the song “Here We Go … Again” has these lines:


Do you know what Angelina Jolie is? A movie star.

And then it gets juicier …


This line apparently references the two sleeping together (while also nodding to Neve Campbell, aka the famous horror actor from the movie. Scream Films).

Then in the song “Starry Eyes”, he sings:


I read this while he was referencing some of the older Angelina movies that (given the 15-year age difference) he would have seen as a kid, and now he can’t believe he’s dating her.

And then…


This could be a reference to Angelina’s very public divorce from Brad Pitt.

And finally, in the same song:


This one might be over the top, but I think the specific reference to Angelina could be along the lines, “You haven’t been touched by a man in so long,” because after Brad Pitt in 2016, Angelina only had a very brief affair. with a real estate agent in 2018, and has not been romantically linked with anyone until now.

Until Angelina or Abel confirm it, everything is pure speculation. However, it seems like The Weeknd really wants us to know it’s her, and can we really blame him? I wish everyone knew that I bagged Angelina too.

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