The Boys Promo Welcomes Two of Its ‘X-Men’ Characters

Prime Video’s The Boys teases the arrival of the comic book series’ X-Men twist, the G-Men, by confirming that there are two members in the satire universe.

Boys teases the debut of another comic book super team.

The fictional episode of Vought News Network in January 2022 and the apparent final episode of “Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman” confirmed the existence of two G-Men members, John Godolkin and Silver Kincaid. While discussing the “Vought’s Annual Heroes Draft” toward the beginning of the episode, the segment revealed that the college where the heroes train is named after Godolkin, while Silver Kincaid is later named as a contestant on the reality show “American. Hero “. The confirmation of these two inches brings the series closer to the debut of the X-Men parody team of the comic book title.

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The G-Men are the focus of the arc “We have to go now” Boys comic series. The team is regarded as Vought’s most profitable asset, despite not being as powerful or praised as the Seven. Silver Kincaid throws the bow after publicly committing suicide, prompting the Boys to investigate the G-Men and uncover the disturbing crimes of Godolkin, who serves as a twist on Professor X from Marvel Comics.

Boys confirmed that G-Men exist in the television series during the show’s premiere, after Madelyn Stillwell named the team by mentioning a movie titled G-Men: World War. A fan theory from season 2 suggested that Cindy, a runaway patient from the Sage Grove Center, was the Silver Kincaid adaptation of the show, and the recent news segment debunks this theory. An earlier episode of Seven on 7 this year, though it teased that Cindy will be haunted by Black Noir in the next season.

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Although the G-Men have yet to be seen, Godolkin University appears to be the place of derision for one of the Boys‘spinoff series, which will focus on the college experience of Vought’s superheroes. Although cast failures have been reported, the new series does not yet have an official title. However, an animated spin-off titled Diabolical It was announced in early December 2021 as an anthology series for superhero satire.

A new super team that will be in Boys Season 3, however, is Payback, the series’ twist on Marvel’s Avengers. Confirmed members of the team include Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles), Crimson Countess (Laurie Holden), and Gunpowder (Sean Patrick Flannery), and Ackles released a photo of Soldier Boy shortly after the news promo came out. The series also revealed the release date for season 3, which fans have been anxiously waiting for months for information.

Boys Season 3 hits Prime Video on June 3, 2022.

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