The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers September 26 – 30, 2022

Better brush up on your math skills, because loyalties are getting divided and subdivided in’s newest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful from Monday, September 26, through Friday, September 30. Not only does a Thomas/Brooke face-off pull Ridge in two directions, but questions about Douglas’ future leave Hope and her mom seeing less eye to eye than eye to “I… don’t know about that.” As a result, the Forrester vs. Logan fight becomes a kerfuffle that also includes Logan vs. Logan conflict. Read on to find out what’s up with all the showdowns to come…

Bold & Beautiful Spoilers for Friday, September 23:

In Friday’s recap, Thomas argues with Brooke, and Ridge apologizes for the past.

We’re not sure this is the best play, but nonetheless, Taylor makes a substantial request of Ridge. Something tells us this is going to leave the flip-flopper once again caught between two women asking him to do two entirely different things. Will he side with the Forresters and risk his marriage from him or alienate his loved ones by aligning with the Logans?

Been there, done that, went over a cliff! The gloves are off in the Logan vs. Forrester war as Brooke hurls accusations against Thomas. Will the self-described “better man” be able to keep his cool from him, or will he call out his dad’s wife (and his biggest hater from him)?!?

Bold & Beautiful Spoilers for week of September 26:

Bold & Beautiful Spoilers for Monday, September 26:

Oh boy, here we go! During an argument with Thomas, Brooke gets scared for her safety from her. Hopefully, for his sake, they’re not having their confrontation out on the edge of a cliff this time around!

Young & Restless‘ Nikki Newman visits Forrester Creations before completing a deal with her ex, Deacon. Will she also cross paths with the notorious Sheila, eleven Genoa City’s most-wanted criminal? Inquiring minds want to know! While we wait to find out, see photos of Nikki with Eric and others here.

The more, the merrier: Alum Jack Wagner (ex-Nick) and many other soap stars — as well as Hallmark favorites — are returning to the screen this holiday season for the network’s Countdown to Christmas special!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday, September 27:

Infectious excitement! Bold & Beautiful alum Adrienne Frantz ended a lifelong search—with help from none other than Ryan Reynolds!

Brooke causes alarm when she recounts her scary moment with Thomas to Ridge. Once again, the beleaguered dressmaker is going to be put in the position of choosing sides. Will he support his wife from him… or go to bat for his son from him?

Bold & Beautiful‘s new hires could turn the Thomas/Brooke cold war scorching-hot!

When Ridge receives unwelcome visitors at the Forrester Mansion, will the drop-in have to do with the unsavory incident between Brooke and Thomas? And will one of the visitors be eating a hot dog?!?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, September 28:

It looks like we guessed correctly that law enforcement would be making the scene at the Forrester digs. Watch for Ridge to vigorously defend Thomas to authorities who are asking hard questions. Given that Ridge once had the power to decide whether Flo would stay in jail or go free, the determined dad should be able to make his offspring’s latest troubles go away, right?

plot twist! It’s Logan vs. Logan when Hope and Brooke disagree about Thomas’ ability to parent Douglas safely. What are the odds that Brooke purposely provoked Douglas ‘dad to ensure that the boy would stay with her daughter de ella and Liam?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, September 29:

When Taylor expresses a change of heart to Steffy, will she finally see the light where Ridge is concerned and decide she doesn’t want the flip-flopper back in her life? If so, how will her daughter de ella take the defeat after running such a fervent campaign to reunite her folks? And will such a turnabout mean that the show got the message we felt compelled to send?

Wait, what?!? The teaser reads: Thomas puts Ridge on blast for taking Brooke’s side from him in his current troubles… but did n’t Ridge just pull out all the stops to defend his son from him when the police came calling? He has to get points for that, right?

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Friday, September 30:

Hasn’t she been away enough?!? Steffy arranges for Taylor to take a trip to clear her head from her. Honestly, you’d think a world-renowned psychiatrist like her would be able to handle things better. After “dying” twice, it shouldn’t take more than a mere Logan vs. Forrester war to have Taylor packing her bags?

When Ridge calls on a friend’s favor to get the truth, will Brooke be exposed for provoking Thomas… or will he learn that his son is truly struggling again and that his wife was right to fear for her safety? Dun-dun-dunnn!

Get the 411 on the Bold & Beautiful characters who are poised to turn over a new leaf as we look at the big changes that could be coming our way on all the soaps this fall in the below photo gallery.

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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