Post Malone Falls Into a Hole During Atlanta Concert

He’s saying “Ooooowwwwww!” — just kidding, no he’s not, we feel bad he’s in pain, though.
Photo: Wagner Meier/Getty Images

When we see the words post and hole, we expect a lot of things, but we don’t usually expect “Malone fell into a” wedged between them. However, “Circles” rapper Post Malone has sustained multiple injuries over the past month from holes at his shows. On October 19, Malone rolled his ankle when he stepped into a gap onstage during his Twelve Carat Tour stop in Atlanta. After trying to limp through it, Malone had to take a brief pause. “There’s little holes in the middle of the stage where fire comes out of, which is pretty fucking badass, but I just twisted up my ankle a little bit on that hole there,” Malone told the crowd. “So if my dance moves aren’t 100 percent, you’ve gotta forgive me tonight, ladies and gentlemen. I’mma do my best.” Malone then continued with the concert.

Malone also had a hole-based incident at a St. Louis show on September 18, in which he had a much larger fall into an onstage hole meant for his guitar. Malone cracked three ribs, causing him to postpone his Boston show. After the incident, he posted a picture of himself flipping the hole off with the caption, “FU Hole.” We gotta patch these things up. No amount of pyrotechnics are worth it, buddy.

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