‘Poorly executed idea for the rich’

For years, Disney has been promoting its mega-expensive, hyper-immersive Star Wars hotel at Walt Disney World. But now, as the opening date approaches, the teasers have worried fans that the luxury space resort is Disney’s latest flop.

The Galactic Starcruiser is Disney’s most ambitious hotel concept yet. Guests must book two nights, which will cost you nearly $ 5,000 for two people or $ 6,000 for a family of four, and they will spend most of their time inside the spaceship complex, like a cruise ship. There is an “excursion” to the Galaxy’s Edge portion of Disney World, while the remainder of the stay includes character interactions, lightsaber training (more on that later), and exclusive restaurants.

With Disney’s high price tag and big promises, Star Wars fans were expecting a mind-blowing, life-changing experience. However, as opening day approaches March 1, 2022, glimpses of the finished product have been disappointing. The hotel’s appearance has been criticized for looking plastic and cheap, and the reception of a teaser video was so bad that it has since disappeared from Disney’s YouTube channel.

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, according to Disney, “will invite guests aboard the Halcyon, a star cruiser known throughout the galaxy for its impeccable service and exotic destinations.”

Courtesy of Disney

The video showed actor Sean Giambrone from “The Goldberg” taking a tour of some of the ship’s features, which look quite naked and antiseptic to the Star Wars universe, and listening to a strange musical performance. (Another user uploaded the deleted video here.) The promotion prompted one Twitter user to comment, “Brother, this is not Star Wars, this is ‘Space Conflicts.’

Fans similarly responded to a demonstration by Disney Parks President Josh D’Amaro trying out the much-acclaimed lightsaber training. Rather than a flashy, super-realistic adventure, the training consisted of a standard illuminated lightsaber and some lasers.

The comments on the YouTube video are generally negative, with one of the main comments saying, “If this were free, I’m not even sure I’d stand in line for 30 minutes, let alone spend thousands of dollars. A completely poorly executed idea. for the rich. “

Things got even worse this week when Disney released its reserved guest welcome video, which features a character who was previously not part of the Star Wars universe. Endario Zinn, a representative of the star cruiser, looks decidedly low-budget with cheap purple makeup and a clearly repurposed iPhone for space tech. Some fans on social media also noticed that the actor’s eyes appear to move from left to right, as if he is reading a teleprompter.

Reservations were made quickly when the hotel was announced, but now, as the 90-day deadline to cancel approaches, people seem to be dodging their expensive commitments; Several vacancies have started to appear in March, April and June.

“A big thank you to Disney for doing everything possible so that I don’t feel like I’m missing something by not being able to pay for the Star Wars hotel,” blogger Alicia Stella. wrote on Twitter. “I am grateful for your efforts.”

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