Politics latest news: Omicron cases now found in hospital, reveals minister as he says UK is in ‘race’ against variant to give booster jabs

NorthAdhim Zahawi used his broadcast round this morning to defend Boris Johnson after a picture emerged of him participating in a Downing Street online questionnaire surrounded by colleagues.

The Labor Party criticized the prime minister for the reported incident, which according to the Sunday Mirror happened on December 15. Downing Street said the Conservative Party leader had participated “briefly” “virtually” in the questionnaire.

Mr. Zahawi told Sky News: “What do we see in that image? We see a prime minister in a virtual night of contests for 10 to 15 minutes to thank his staff who, by the way, had no choice but to come every day, sitting in his office with the two closest people who work with him . . Many people would have had similar Zoom contest nights across the country.

“The Prime Minister said that to the best of his knowledge, there were no parties, no parties. He also said that the rules were followed, and they saw that in today’s picture it is a virtual call from Zoom, not something else. I think the nation I’ll understand that now because the hype around was about these parties here where people mixed and a lot of drinks flowed. “

Zahawi went on to defend the Prime Minister in an interview with the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, adding: “On a virtual call, at a Zoom meeting, thanking his team … There is no drink here, I don’t think there is a rule that prohibits recognizing Christmas with tinsel or hat.

“Ten or 15 minutes to thank his team, who were working every hour, on a screen in a virtual pub contest. I think people can make their own decisions.”


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