Things have been going swimmingly for Offset and Cardi B recently. Last month, the couple showed off their family and revealed pictures of their new baby boy. They did date night in style. Just a few days ago, Offset said Cardi was his favorite meal.

Now, on what looks like a beachy getaway, the couple has borne witness to a naval mishap. Both rappers took to their socials to document a yacht’s final moments as it sank into a watery grave.

In Offset’s Instagram story, he and Cardi watch on in disbelief as a yacht slowly sinks after having seemingly struck a rocky outcrop. “It’s going to sink, boy,” Offset narrates in the video. Cardi can barely contain herself, saying, “Oh my God, nobody’s going to save it?” Offset replies, “Can’t nobody save that.” As the video progresses, it seems like his assessment of him is right. The boat becomes almost totally submerged, and it doesn’t look like it helps on the way. “Do you know how much money that is?” Offset says, stunned.

Cardi posted a video of the sinking to her Twitter, seemingly capturing the event a little bit after Offset. “I can’t believe I’m actually watching a yacht sink,” she wrote. She’s just as animated in her video of her, exclaiming, “It’s sinking! Y’all see that?” A Twitter user quickly cut together footage from James Cameron’s titanica set to Cardi B’s yacht commentary. Cardi was hardly amused. “You know what,” she replied.

Check out Cardi B’s video below, along with her response to the titanica joke. Is the boat gone for good or could it still be saved?