Novak Djokovic news LIVE: Tennis star tested positive last month as fellow player detained over exemption

Novak Djokovic is being held in Australia as a ‘prisoner’, says his mother

Novak Djokovic remains in quarantine at a state hotel in Melbourne as the world number one awaits his appeal hearing on Monday morning in Australia.

Djokovic, who traveled to Australia on the assumption that he had been granted a “medical exemption”, despite refusing to confirm his vaccination status, was held by the Australian Border Force (ABF) for about ten hours at the airport in Tullamarine on Wednesday before being transferred to the Park Hotel in suburban Carlton. The Serb immediately filed an appeal against the ABF’s decision to rescind his visa, but the nine-time Australian Open champion could face a three-year suspension from the country if he does not win the case.

The Victorian government and Tennis Australia seemed to assure Djokovic that he was free to enter the country and defend his title, but a fierce wave of public reaction triggered political intervention. Some have accused the Australian government of using the tennis star as a political pawn to distract itself from the country’s own Covid woes, yet Internal Affairs Minister Karen Andrews insisted that Djokovic was not “captive.” and that he is “free to go at any time”. Another player, Renata Voracova, was subsequently detained by the ABF after entering the country under the same exemption as Djokovic, despite having already competed in a test of preparation in Melbourne.

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Australian tennis boss praises team for Djokovic’s response

Craig Tiley, the head of Tennis Australia, has praised his organization for the work they have done on the Novak Djokovic case as the tennis star awaits the outcome of his appeal.

There appears to have been criticism directed everywhere, from towards Djokovic and his team, to earlier claims by organizers that he would be allowed to enter and even the country’s visa process, but a leaked video reported by the Sunday Herald Sun newspaper in Australia. shows that Tiley rejected allegations that Tennis Australia had misled players about what was necessary to win entry to the Australian Open.

“A lot of fingers are being pointed … but I can assure you that our team has done an incredible job,” he said.

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Defending Australian Open champion Naomi Osaka withdraws from prep tournament

In a statement issued by Tennis Australia Osaka said: “I had a lot of fun playing here in Melbourne. Unfortunately, I have an abdominal injury that I need to rest and prepare for the Australian Open. “

Later on Twitter, Osaka posted: “Sad to retire due to injury from my match today, my body took a hit from playing back-to-back intense matches after the break I took. I’ll try to rest and see you soon! “

The four-time Grand Slam winner took a break from the game after losing to Leylah Fernández in the third round of the September US Open.

Following his winning return to action in Melbourne earlier in the week, Osaka said his main goal for 2022 is to feel like he’s “having fun” on the court.

Veronika Kudermetova had planned to face the Japanese world number 13 before the withdrawal, and the Russian will now face Simona Halep in the final after the Romanian progressed to a straight-sets victory over Chinese teenager Zheng Qinwen.

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Djokovic asks the Serbian president to help him out of the hotel

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has revealed that Novak Djokovic asked to be transferred from his immigration hotel to rented accommodation.

TennisWorldUSA reports that the national leader explained that he had been in contact with the tennis player and asked what he could do to help, but Australian immigration rules prevent this.

“We did everything we could. Last night I spoke with Novak for the first time, this morning for the second time, according to the agreements we have, Ana Brnabic is only calling on the phone, praying and asking for one thing, “said Vucic.

“That before the final court decision on Monday, Novak is allowed not to be in this infamous hotel, but in the house he rented. That is what Novak asked of his country, it is our obligation to protect our citizens. I spoke to him last night and this morning, our ministry is involved. “

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Voracova hopes Djokovic can play at Australian Open

Voracova, who had already competed in a warm-up event in Melbourne, is said to have obtained a vaccine exemption on the grounds that she had been infected with Covid-19 in the past six months, the same reason used by Djokovic.

“I’m in a room and I can’t go anywhere,” Voracova told Czech newspapers DNES and Sport.

“My window is tightly closed, I can’t open it by five centimeters (two inches). And there are guards everywhere, even under the window, which is pretty funny. Maybe they thought I’d jump and run

“They bring me food and there is a guard in the hall. You have to report, everything is rationed. I feel a bit like in prison. “

Voracova says he will not appeal the decision and is likely to leave for the weekend, but hopes Djokovic can play in the AO.

“We are athletes, we have come here to play tennis and not to deal with backstage disputes,” he added.

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PTPA in contact with Djokovic

The Professional Tennis Players Association says it has been in contact with Novak Djokovic and asked Australia to allow both vaccinated and unvaccinated athletes to participate in the Australian Open, pending “approved medical exemptions.”

“The PTPA has been in close contact with Mr. Djokovic, his family and legal advisers, government officials and the leaders of the Australian Open. Mr. Djokovic has verified his well-being for us. You have also requested that we allow you to personally share the facts of your arrest in your own words and in your own time.

“With the utmost respect for all personal views on vaccinations, vaccinated and unvaccinated athletes (with an approved medical exemption) should be free to compete.

“We will continue to support and advocate for our members and all players in a way that is acceptable to them.”

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Djokovic surrounded by ‘nonsense’ says former coach

Former head coach of Serbia’s Davis Cup team, Bogdan Obradovic, has criticized Novak Djokovic’s actions and approach.

He clarified that he has no relation to the current star, having suffered a fight after leaving the international team scene in 2017, and claims that Djokovic’s plant-based diet is nothing more than an “experiment” that he does not understand.

“I have no contact with Novak. I have no contact with Novak. Nor do we wish each other a happy new year, or Christmas, children’s birthdays, nothing … Why and why? The moment I left the national team, we got into a conflict.

“To this day I think he was right.

“Novak is surrounded by extreme nonsense. He went into an experiment of something that he doesn’t even know what it is about. “

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Djokovic’s appeal says tennis star had Covid in December

The sports world awaits the outcome of Novak Djokovic’s fate for the Australian Open, as he was initially denied entry to the country, but new information has come to light from his legal team on why they feel he should be allowed. come in and play.

Tennis star Djokovic was exempt from receiving the Covid vaccine because he had recently been infected with the disease, his lawyers said.

Australia’s immigration department had already given the tennis player written authorization to enter the country, court documents alleged on Saturday.

“The date of the first positive Covid PCR tests was recorded on December 16, 2021,” Djokovic’s lawyers said.

Djokovic is currently in immigration detention in Australia after his visa was canceled.

His lawyers are challenging the decision to revoke the tennis star’s visa. They presented a file with the court saying that Djokovic “had not had a fever or respiratory symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 72 hours.”

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