NBA schedule release live updates: Biggest games, team analysis and latest news

The NBA schedule will be officially unveiled on Aug. 17 at 3 pm ET, but a number of key games were reported by The Athletic and other media outlets before then. Here are the games we know as of Wednesday morning

Oct. 18: 76ers at Celtics (TNT)

Oct. 18: Lakers at Warriors (TNT)

Oct. 19: Magic at Pistons

Oct. 19: Bulls at Heat

Oct. 19: Nets at Pelicans

Oct. 19: Knicks at Grizzlies

Oct. 19: Blazers at Kings

Oct. 19: Mavericks at Suns

Oct. 20: Bucks at 76ers (TNT)

Oct. 20: Clippers at Lakers (TNT)

Oct. 21: Celtics at Heat (ESPN)

Oct. 21: Magic at Hawks

Oct. 21: Jazz at Timberwolves

Nov. 8: No games (Election Day)

Nov. 9: Lakers at Clippers (ESPN)

Nov. 12: Rockets at Pelicans (NBATV)

Nov. 13: Nets at Lakers (ESPN)

Nov. 16: Rockets at Mavericks

Nov. 26: Thunder at Rockets (NBATV)

Dec 2: Bucks at Lakers (TNT)

Dec. 6: Lakers at Cavaliers (TNT)

Dec. 9: Timberwolves at Jazz

Dec. 10: Celtics at Warriors

Dec. 17: Heat vs. Spurs in Mexico City

Dec. 25: 76ers at Knicks (ABC/ESPN)

Dec. 25: Bucks at Celtics (ABC/ESPN)

Dec. 25: Grizzlies at Warriors (ABC/ESPN)

Dec. 25: Lakers at Mavericks (ABC/ESPN)

Dec. 25: Suns at Nuggets (ABC/ESPN)

Dec. 27: Knicks at Mavericks

Jan. 11: Rockets at Kings (ESPN)

Jan. 16: Heat at Hawks (TNT)

Jan. 16: Suns at Grizzlies (TNT)

Jan. 16: Rockets at Lakers (NBATV)

Jan. 19: Pistons vs. Bulls in Paris

Jan. 19: Warriors at Celtics (TNT)

Jan. 21: 76ers at Kings

Jan. 22: Nets at Warriors (NBATV)

Jan. 24: Clippers at Lakers (TNT)

Feb. 19: NBA All-Star Game (TNT)

March 27: Bulls at Clippers

April 5: Lakers at Clippers (ESPN)

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