live updates of tonight’s awards

Live from Twitter and press release blasts, it’s the 2022 Golden Globes!

With no live or cable broadcast, celebs applauding victory, shameful host banter, completely pointless performances, red carpet, or even press, the show is somehow still going for the controversial Globes.

Despite the scandal over its lack of diversity, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced the winners for the best on television and film on Sunday, avoiding the normal chaos for a toned-down live ad, mainly because no network was broadcasting the show.

That means the very small number of people who normally watch (last year’s ratings were abysmal) were forced to simply imagine Ricky Gervais’ talk and A-list split as they passed another pandemic night.

It was also in the telegram to plan the evening, with the Announcing HFPA Just Thursday the event would be a “private” event at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California, the usual place seen in the past where drunken celebrities converge to pat themselves on the back for their accomplishments in overly long acceptance speeches.

So queue up your own music from the awards playoffs and read all of the night’s winners in one go, updated in real time by The Post. Now, you don’t even have to log into Twitter.

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