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LONDON — Secretary of State Antony Blinken says Ukraine could win the war against Russia.

Asked in a BBC interview that aired Friday whether he thought Ukraine could defeat Russian invasion forces, he said, “Over time, absolutely.”

“If it’s the intention of Moscow to try somehow to topple the government and install its own puppet regime, 45 million Ukrainians are going to reject that one way or the other,” he said.

Blinken said he “can’t tell you how long it will take” for the Ukrainians to prevail, but he rejected “the idea that Russia can subjugate its will 45 million people who are ardently fighting for their future and their freedom.”

Blinken praised the “extraordinary resilience” of Ukrainians and said Moscow is using “increasingly brutal” tactics against Ukraine.

“We’re seeing Russia go after critical infrastructure that’s denying Ukrainians water, denying them electricity, denying them heat,” he said. “Those methods are, unfortunately, tragically, part of the Russian playbook under President [Vladimir] Putin. And I think we’re likely to see more of that.”

Blinken will highlight Western unity in confronting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine during a tour of Europe this week, as the Biden administration seeks to deter Putin from widening his military assault. Blinken met with NATO and European Union officials in Brussels and will visit Moldova, Poland, and the Baltic states, bringing a message of US support to countries within closest reach of Russia’s military.

Unlike Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (RS.C.) — who this week was sharply criticized by fellow lawmakers after suggesting that the “only way” to end the crisis in Ukraine is for Russians to assassinate Putin — Blinken said the United States is not seeking regime change in Moscow.

“It’s absolutely not up to us,” he said, adding that the “unprovoked” war is harming everyday Russians. “It’s doing nothing for them. On the contrary, tragically for the Russian people, they are bearing the burden of so much of this, because the world has come together to put these massive sanctions on Putin and on Russia.”

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