Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial aftermath updates live: reactions to verdict, Heard interview, tell-all book

Depp’s video appearance during McCartney’s Glastonbury set

Johnny Depp has been getting the recent defamation trial out of his system, unwinding on tour with jeff beck He also made ‘an appearance’ in front of 200,000 revellers during Paul McCartney’s headline set at Glastonbury on Saturday night.

Sir Paul played his 2012 album track My Valentine during his 38-song performance with the promotional video featuring Depp and Natalie Portman as the backdrop. The two actors use sign language to convert the lyrics in the video, shot in black and white.

here is McCartney explaining the idea for the video. “My daughter, Stella, suggested the original idea to have Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp use sign language to portray my recent song, My Valentine. It was great having them round. Natalie came over with her husband and new baby, which was very lovely, very family. Johnny came over and he has a friend who makes guitars out of lots of things like cigar boxes and wine cases, and he brought over a wine case-bass for me. He also sat over a little cigar box amp and guitar which is fantastic and so we had a jam. And I had to stop and say we better do this film!”

McCartney has not commented publicly on the Depp-Heard trial but has a close friendship with the Pirates of the Caribbean star and by using the video rather than not, he is perhaps subtly showing where his allegiances lie. However, fans are divided on whether it was appropriate…

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