Japanese Internet Reacts To Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop Cancellation

What previously reported, Netflix cancels live action Cowboy bebop series after one season. You may know what he thinks of the show, but this is what viewers in Japan thought of it and the resulting cancellation.

Below is a cross section of comments from some of Japan’s most popular sites, including 2 channels, News flash of my game, and Yaraon’s Blog. The comments should give you an idea of ​​what people in Japan, at least those online, thought was good and bad about the show, as well as their opinions on live-action anime adaptations in general.


“Live action adaptations are not necessary.”

“It’s because there was an old man in disguise. There was nothing attractive. ”

“I wonder why, because it was nice …”

“Netflix original anime and dramas are not interesting. However, I like Amazon Prime. “

“Well, first of all, I’d say watch the anime instead of the live-action adaptation.”

“The anime in Japan is not designed for a live action adaptation.”

“I had no idea they did this. It seems interesting. ”

“It seemed that even the foreigners were making fun of this.”

“Why did you think of doing a live action?”

“Uh, it was actually pretty good. I guess the international fans didn’t like it. ”

“It would be better to do a new anime.”

“There was a respect [for the original anime]… You can’t just take an anime as is and adapt it to live action because there are all these uncomfortable feelings when an anime is adapted to live action. “

“They should have stopped doing a live action adaptation when Keanu’s got away.” (Keanu Reeves was once attached to play Spike in a Cowboy bebop live action movie for Fox.)

“It looked like a cosplay game.”

“The sensation of speed was nil in action scenes.”

“Netflix is ​​where productions die.”

“It felt raw, like [the adaptation of] Ghost in the shell. “

“To be honest, I’ve always thought about half of BebopIts popularity was due to the ‘Tank!’ opening.”

“It’s a shame because all the little details were incredible.”

“It was nice (I didn’t actually see it).”

“Foreigners sure are quick to cut their losses, huh.”

“It’s because the original anime wasn’t really that popular.”

“Actually, I want to see it …… Yes, no thanks.”

“I wanted to see the scrapped Bebop with Keanu Reeves “.

“There are things that can only be done in anime. There are also things that can only be done live. “

“Did anyone want to see this?”

“The only good thing was the opening.”

“I watched it because the original anime is so popular, but I got bored and turned it off.”

“The main star looked too much like a normal person.”

“To be honest, Korean dramas are more interesting.”

“That was quickly decided!”

“The recreation of the anime’s opening was so bad it was ridiculous (T_T)”

“And he was so excited and yet this.”

“Keanu would have been nice.”

“Do something original with this budget.”

“Is there any reason to do a live anime adaptation that has a good vibe?”

“It seems awkward when changing the language from Japanese. The actor who played Spike wasn’t bad, but he just wasn’t very Spike-like. “

“It sounds like a great high school production.”

“Do Be-Bop High School instead of this.”

“Woah! I played watching this over New Years holidays. Is it better not to see this? “

“I liked it. But from the beginning, I went in with low expectations.”

“That’s how [live-action] One piece it’s going to work out. ”

“I didn’t see it, but Spike is 20 years old and it seemed like the actor was much older.”

“I saw it and it seemed that it had been created by people who did not understand Cowboy bebop and simply, for the moment, he named it. “

“Uh, it really wasn’t that bad. I quite enjoyed it. ”

“Redo it with Keanu.”

“Respect the original work. The director does not need to interpret or change things. ”

“I liked it well, but maybe I enjoyed it because of the dubbing.”

“Maybe if they did it in Japan it would be better … right?”


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