Inside Julia Fox’s dress-up date with Kanye West

From dinners to playing dress-up.

After their first date in New York on Tuesday, Kanye West surprised new girlfriend Julia Fox with “a hotel suite full of clothes,” as the “Uncut Gems” actress shared in Interview Magazine Thursday.

Celebrity-beloved brand Diesel provided the entire wardrobe for the couple’s couture fashion, with a representative for the brand telling Page Six Style that Fox received a whopping 40 complete looks to choose from: 10 from Diesel’s Spring 2022 runway collection and 30 from its Pre-Fall 2022 lineup.

After trying on dozens of designer clothes for her new boyfriend, 31-year-old Fox chose six outfits to stay with, including a buttoned baby top with an attached belt ($ 375) with baggy jeans with built-in boots ($ 1,250) .

Most of the looks she got, including acid wash leggings and a duo of jacket and jean ensembles covered in Swarovski crystal padding, won’t be available for mere mortals to purchase until February. Fox even went home in a pair of men’s motorcycle pants that he could apparently share with West, 44, who rapped in his “black leather jeans” on 2013’s “Yeezus.”

“Kanye, who has been friends for a long time [Diesel owner] Renzo Rosso, has admired [Diesel creative director] Glenn Martens work and has been following the direction it is taking [the brand]”The representative of the label told us.

“Julia had also worked with the brand in the past, so knowing her existing connection, Kanye felt it was a real match to dress her in the Martens runway pieces.”

In fact, the actress starred in Diesel’s fall 2020 campaign alongside “Gossip Girl” star Evan Mock.

“It was every girl’s dream come true. It felt like a true Cinderella moment. I don’t know how he did it, or how he managed to get everything there on time, ”Fox wrote in his blog-style Interview article, which was accompanied by a full photo.

“But I was very surprised. Like, who does stuff like this on a second date? Or on any date! “He continued, adding that he was” still in shock “from the Grammy winner’s grand gesture.

Since hooking up with West in Miami on New Year’s Eve, Fox seems to have developed a fondness for another of his favorite labels (and his former Kim Kardashian): Balenciaga.

Ahead of Tuesday night’s makeover montage, the brunette beauty dined with the musician at Carbone dressed in a black leather coat, top, and mini bag from the fashion house, along with a pair of “thongs.” of Miaou.

Fox could have told Interview that she “[doesn’t] I know where things are going ”for her and West, but we assume there will be a lot of equally polarized pants ahead.

Julia Fox dressed in black
Julia Fox wore a look from Kanye West’s beloved Balenciaga for her first New York date with the rapper.


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