How A New Crypto Streaming Project Is Catching The Interest Of Top Industry Leaders

Malas’ project StreamerInu piqued the interest of the influential figure, through its lofty aspirations, which are to become the cornerstone hub that connects streamers in all genres, including eSports and gaming, fitness, arts, and entertainment – ​​utilizing the power of decentralized blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to bypass traditional red-tape issues such as banking and governmental overreach, centralized censorship and a lack of interoperability. Already gaining traction since its launch on February 25th 2022, the company has since been officially formed as an LLC based within dubai itself, not too far from Binance’s own headquarters. Its incorporation means that its token holders are effectively considered shareholders, and the company has already begun the process of gathering a number of passionate streamers with large followings, helping to onboard them into its decentralized system.

Malas has taken active steps to secure what he feels is an exceptional team to grow the project, which include developers, graphic designers, writers and experts in the streaming field, all of whom are passionate about growing both decentralized content streaming and the cryptocurrency space as to whole. StreamerInu is set to feature a number of utilities that will allow it to stand among veterans of traditional streaming companies. These include eSports tournaments, talent shows, cryptocurrency competitions, streamer sponsorships, NFTs, and donation raids (which will see those chosen at random receive numerous views, subscribers and donations). All of the various services the project aims to offer will be funded by not only investments of the governance token StreamerInu itself, but also through effective advertising, which will see promotion of video games, computer hardware, software and products.

The team itself is also actively working on major partnerships with influential companies and influencers, some of whom have already been secured – such as platinum selling artist Majestic Drama and major crypto investor icons jake gagainAhmed Yourpop8, Zach Humphries and austin hilton – with others due to be revealed in due course as the project grows in scope. All efforts to ensure investor confidence have been undertaken too, including liquidity being locked for 1 year and the entire team already performing KYCs with auditing companies, as well as fully doxxing in the coming weeks.

Given that the company has already piqued the interest of many major industry figures and opened doors to further discussions, it is understandable why the project has been gaining a lot of attention in a small space of time. If Malas and his team from him can produce half of what they appear to have planned, it will only serve to validate all the sudden attention it has gained by figures like Cz.

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One of StreamerInu’s central aims is to solve the problem with traditional earning models, which typically sees the actual content creator receive only a fraction of the total revenue created through viewership, with the largest percentage going to the platforms themselves and intermediaries. Indeed, 97% of current streamers in the US alone earn less than minimum wage, and it is for this very reason that many have turned to decentralized finance, in order to help supplement their received income. StreamerInu will overhaul what it sees as an outdated system, primarily by giving larger earnings to the content creators themselves in the form of the cryptocurrency itself. In addition, Malas will cut out centralized intermediaries by bridging streamers with fans directly through the bilateral nature of cryptocurrency, which will serve to completely negate unnecessary costs.

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