‘Hollywood Madam’ Heidi Fleiss plans to leave Nevada after pet parrot shot | Nevada

Heidi Fleiss, who rose to fame as the “Lady of Hollywood” when she was accused in the mid-1990s of running a prostitution ring in Los Angeles, has said she will move from a southern Nevada city where she has lived for about 15 years.

Fleiss told the Pahrump Valley Times that she was angry that someone shot one of her beloved parrots with a pellet gun just before Christmas.

Fleiss with actor Tom Sizemore at the premiere of Black Hawk Down in Beverly Hills in 2001. Photograph: Chris Weeks / AP

Fleiss told the newspaper that he contacted Nye County animal control officials and saved a pill that a veterinarian removed from the bird’s leg as evidence. She said she would pay up to $ 5,000 for information leading to the shooter’s arrest.

Fleiss said he had bought a property in Missouri, where he plans to move his collection of exotic birds in late February.

Fleiss, 56, has lived for about 15 years in Pahrump, a desert community about 60 miles west of Las Vegas.

His pimping conviction was overturned in California, but he served 20 months of a federal prison sentence for a tax evasion conviction in 1996.

Ten years later, the Observer described it as “an active part of the star system.”

“At one point,” the newspaper reported, “sometime between the OJ Simpson trial and the moment Monica Lewinsky handed her dirty dress to Kenneth Starr, Heidi Fleiss was the subject of America’s biggest celebrity scandal.

“It was, she has always maintained, a triumph of hypocrisy. Why not go after the men? Why was she sentenced to three years in prison while her client Charlie Sheen, who testified against her, could make a movie for $ 5 million? Was it the money? (Fleiss claims he made $ 10,000 in cash on a bad day; on a good day, the commissions were worth nearly $ 100,000.) Was it power? (He was rumored to be on the payroll of a major Hollywood studio.)

“Was it the fact that she wouldn’t give away? (His predecessor, Madame Alex, was a police informant and traded knowledge for the right to stay in business.) [Fleiss] He was in jail longer than he was in business. “

After his time in jail, Fleiss moved to southern Nevada with a collection of parrots. She became close friends with Dennis Hof, owner of several legal brothels and the star of Cathouse, an adult reality series made by HBO.

Hof ran for the Nevada state legislature in 2018 as a Donald Trump-style Republican. He won the election, despite being found dead a month earlier, after celebrating his 72nd birthday.

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