Here’s What Happened at Kanye West and Drake’s Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert

And the run was impressive: You ran hit after hit from their catalog, unearthing songs few expected to hear from the Grammy-winning born-again gospel. After going through more than a dozen strokes of University dropout through 808 and Heartbreak (self-censoring most of the vulgarities of his early work), he covered Drake’s “Find Your Love,” while Drake did. is.

He eventually gave the stage to his Canadian contemporary, who proceeded to cover Ye’s version. Donda track “24”, telling the audience, “I need a little Jesus in my life” (a nod to his own lyrics from “Wants and Needs”). Rather than trying to shame and pull off his biggest hits, Drake brought up more recent passages such as “No Friends in the Industry,” “Life is Good” and “Way 2 Sexy.”

When Ye claimed the stage for a career that included “Father Stretch My Hands Pt 1”, “N —- s in Paris” and “Bound 2”, he urged his musical director Mike Dean, who was performing parts of the tracks live. “Mike, keep coming back,” he urged. “Give me pianos, Mike! I want to hear the chorus. ”The chorus came back for“ Father Stretch My Hands ”and overall it sounded amazing all night. You seemed to be in control of your breathing too, while Drake apparently needed the help of the backing track on His hooks. ”Dean’s live jam added some character to the classics, but seemed too favored in the mix, drowning out the rest of the production.

The pair closed the show with a rendition of “Forever” (minus guests Lil Wayne and Eminem), before exiting the stage together amid a swarm of camera operators emerging from the shadows, just a handful of the dozen who they captured the show. As the credits progress, it was unclear how the event promoted the cause of Larry Hoover’s release. They never even tried to defend it.

What is clear is that many people said the name “Larry Hoover” in the past week, many more than already deifying him in his hometown of Chicago for the positive work he did in his community, in parallel to leading a billionaire. Narcotics operation. Perhaps more people are learning how the Gangster Disciples used those drug proceeds to support a community abandoned by their government, funding neighborhood cleanups, voter registration drives, and food distribution programs. At trial, even Ronald S. Safer, the assistant federal prosecutor who prosecuted him, admitted in his opening that the gang offered more than mere violence: “This is not a group of street thugs. This is, in a very real sense, an illegal form of government. “

No matter how the event ends up serving Hoover, several organizations, including Ex-Cons for Community and Social Change, Hustle 2.0, and Uptown People’s Law Center, will benefit from the funds left over after the 8-figure production invoices. the budget is paid, perhaps offering hope to incarcerated people with less influence and fewer famous friends than Larry Hoover.

List of songs from the “Larry Hoover Free Benefit Concert”:


“The Fortune”
“Ready or not” (Fugees)
“Easy on Me” (Adele)
“Back to life” (Soul 2 Soul)
“Beam ultralight”


“Jesus walks”
“Everything falls down”
“Gold seeker”
“Touch the sky”
“All the lights”
“Black skinhead”
“All day”
“Good Life”
“Flickering lights”
“Say you will”
“I wonder”
“Find your love” (Drake)
“Run away”

Ye and Drake:

“You can not Tell Me Nothing”


“24” (Kanye West)
“Wants and needs”
“There are no friends in the industry”
“Whats Next”
“Life is good”
“Laugh now Cry Later”
“Girls want girls”
“In the Bible”
“Way 2 Sexy”
“Knife Talk”
“God’s plan”


“Father, stretch my hands, part 1” [ft. Sunday Service Choir]
“Niggas in Paris”
“Tied 2”
“Come to life”

Ye and Drake:



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