Hathor Network (HTR) an Underrated Gem in the Crypto Market

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When you think of the blockchain industry, it is easy to see the improvements and growth it has made since the inception of bitcoin a decade ago. Blockchain technology has led to the development of decentralized solutions that have been adapted in different sectors globally.

New concepts like decentralized finance and NFT have caught the attention of many, and there are more projects than ever. One of the blockchain protocols that has drawn attention in recent months is Hathor.

Hathor is a blockchain platform that engages the primary user with a user-friendly approach aimed at fostering blockchain adoption. We explore some of the key features of this novel blockchain.

Hathor combines proof of work and DAG technology

Hathor is a scalable layer 1 platform that combines DAG (directed acrylic graphic and proof-of-work blockchain. It is one of the few blockchain protocols with academic training and was part of a doctoral thesis presented by founder Marcelo Brogliato.

The key concept is to create an architecture that implements a chain of linked blocks that can solve scalability, decentralization and security issues. As a result, Hathor has built a next-generation architecture that can handle high-speed transactions and is scalable for teams and individuals to build decentralized solutions.

With Hathor, these decentralized solutions can be built on a blockchain with the security of Bitcoin and without limitations. It is capable of handling 200 transactions per second, which is similar to the payment processing giant PayPal.

Hathor can ensure the security of its network by implementing a mining system called ” Merged Mining ”. Merged mining allows miners to mine two different cryptocurrencies without additional energy or costs.

At the moment, Bitcoin miners can mine Hathor and generate additional income without upgrading their mining rigs. Also, since Bitcoin has the largest number of miners, Hathor can quickly maintain a high hash rate, thus securing its blockchain network.

Hathor is also an energy efficient blockchain, as miners do not spend additional energy mining the token. In addition, miners are encouraged to demonstrate that they are using renewable energy within the framework of the Hathor Green Initiative.

Create custom tokens in minutes

Hathor’s crucial selling point is the ability for users to create their tokens in minutes. Hathor prides itself on being the WordPress for the blockchain and has developed a token minting system that requires no technical knowledge.

All that is required is to block 1 HTR for every 100 units of the new token. All tokens built in Hathor are implemented in Layer 1 built in the protocol itself and tied to the HTR token. NFTs can also be minted on the Hathor Network for low fees, and users can create works of art that can be sold on a dedicated marketplace.

Alliances and key developments

Hathor has partnered with blockchain projects since launch, and some of them include Chainlink and Ledger. It also collaborated with Simplex to launch crypto-direct debit cards in October 2021.

The blockchain protocol has also been increasingly adopted within the blockchain industry. For example, Brazilian influencer Felipe Neto launched an NFT 9Block project in Hathor. Other Hathor-based projects include EON, WorkAxle, Kick-Off Music, Dropull.

HahtorSwap, the first decentralized exchange on Hathor, is expected to launch in the coming weeks and introduce DeFi features like participation, yield farming, and liquidity extraction for users.

Powered by utility token

Hathor Network works with its native HTR token, allowing users to access different functions on its blockchain. HTR has seen mass adoption in 2021 and has multiple use cases within the Hathor blockchain.

HTR is also listed on the popular Ledger hardware wallet and on multiple exchanges including Kucoin, AscendEX, Coinmetro, SimpleSwap, and more. For more information about the project, visit the links.

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