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HALLSVILLE — Hallsville filmmaker Micah Lyons’ latest movie “Lockdown,” starring a former pro wrestler, is now available nationwide.

“Lockdown,” which stars former WWE pro wrestler Kevin Nash, Hallsville actor and filmmaker David Ford, Lyons’ wife, Brooke Lyons, and Longview native Swayde McCoy is available at select Walmart stores nationwide and on streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video and iTunes .

The movie, which was filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, follows a militia leader, played by Nash, “as he decides to wipe out the homeless population in an attempt to survive a new and ultra deadly strand of COVID,” the movie synopsis states. Ford plays a former military hero who is forced to take on the crazed militia members alone in an effort to save his little sister from him.

“About 99 percent of the movie was filmed at the old Marshall Junior High School building in Marshall,” Lyons said. “We filmed this during the spring of 2020, with a total cast and crew of about seven people, who were all from East Texas, except for Kevin Nash.”

Lyons said the movie was sparked from a need for creativity and action during the monotony of the pandemic.

“This movie was born out of frustration with the pandemic,” Lyons said. “This is a cheesy B action movie, low budget, but totally fun, and it’s a testament to what people can accomplish if they go outside of the parameters and think outside of the box.”

Lyons has a cameo moment in the movie, which was produced by his film company, Breath of Life Productions.

Autographed DVDs of the movie are available for purchase on the film production’s website at www.breathoflifeproductions.com/store.

Lyons said most of the cast are from his Micah Lyons Acting Studio classes.

“Most of the cast, minus the main characters, are students plucked from my acting studio classes,” he said.

Lyons previously filmed “The Runners” in East Texas, which is an action movie that highlights the prevalence of the human sex trafficking trade in East Texas, specifically along the Interstate 20 corridor.

He asked that those who view or purchase the movie take a few moments to rate it and leave a review on whatever platform or media they watched or purchased the movie from.

“We just ask that people please take a few seconds to rate it and leave a review, even if it’s just a couple of words like, ‘fun movie,’ or ‘loved it,’” Lyons said.

To follow Lyons’ future projects or to be informed of future acting studio sessions, visit his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/micah.lyons.3.


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