Gorilix (SILVA) and Cronos (CRO) start August with a boom

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Holders of both Gorillax (SILVA) and Cronos (CRO) will be smiling at their portfolios today after seeing the growth the two tokens have made. While most tokens have stagnated or backslid at the start of the month, SILVA and CRO have gone out of their way to be exceptions to the familiar tale.

CRO alone received a big boost today, pushing up an additional 9.2% in value, the most out of any tokens in coin market caps top 50. The Cronos surges rounds off a seven-day period that has seen a 27% rise in value for the token. The growth has come at a time when Crypto.com, the parent company of the CRO token, has come under scrutiny for further reducing the CRO rewards it offers to customers. The second time that it has reduced the rewards in three months. While the first time the CRO rewards were reduced, CRO lost over 30% of its value in a week; this time, the opposite has happened.

For SILVA, we are seeing a familiar tale, the crypto is enjoying a steady growth period, with presale growth now reaching 445% exceeding the expectations of many critics, and the growth doesn’t appear to be slowing down, especially now that we are out of the so-called crypto winter. The global trading volume has increased dramatically since SILVA’s launch in mid-June.

SILVA’s early success is partially based on the excitement for the Gorilix DeFi platform. Gorilix DeFi aims to fill a market gap with its complete suite crypto offering that will allow you to control and track your crypto holdings and investments fully. The Gorilix product range includes a defi wallet and exchange that will enable customers to store and swap tokens on multiple blockchains, which is not usually found in DeFi wallet services.

Gorilix Portfolio is an innovative portfolio tracker that will allow customers to watch and track all the tokens in their portfolio, keeping track of changes to the price and any developments in the blockchain resources.

While SILVA is still in its presale phase, we are just over a month away from the IDO tokens launch onto Uniswap. Before then, the only place to purchase the SILVA token is directly from the Gorilix DeFi website.

To buy your SILVA tokens or learn more about Gorilix DEFI, visit https://gorilix.io.

To register for the Gorilix (SILVA) presale: https://cabinet.gorilix.io/sign-up

To join Gorilix on Telegram, Twitter & Instagram: https://linktr.ee/Gorilix

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