Global Cryptocurrency Super App Launched; Real-time Insights, Prices, Courses, And More

TickerPlant has launched a global cryptocurrency super app called CryptoWire

Financial content provider TickerPlant has launched a global cryptocurrency super app called CryptoWire. The application is intended to act as a comprehensive solution for all aspects related to these digital assets. CryptoWire will provide information and news in real time on prices, courses and data related to cryptocurrencies. The app will also offer information on blockchain technology, the backbone of the cryptocurrency world. TickerPlant is a subsidiary of Chennai-based Financial Technologies Group, now known as 63 Moons, and promises to offer complete and unbiased information on cryptocurrencies to its users.

63 Moons was incorporated in 1998 and has been a provider of financial information services for more than two decades. He said that the CryptoWire super app will offer the following services and features:

Crypto University

Crypto University will offer short and basic courses as well as specialized PhDs. courses on cryptocurrencies. Some of these courses will be free while others will be charged. Crypto University will also provide courses sourced from global universities, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

Crypto TV

Crypto TV is a 24×7 crypto and blockchain channel that is streamed on YouTube and mobile IPTV. The channel will provide an in-depth analysis of global developments, reports and discussions. In addition to that, the channel will also provide information that will help increase awareness about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, asset digitization, and asset development.


This section of the application will have some useful tools that can guide the user in their financial decisions related to cryptocurrency. It will educate users on tools such as identifying arbitrage opportunities, loans, and interest rates.

Jigish Sonagara, Managing Director and CEO of TickerPlant, said that CryptoWire will be the most credible port of call to enter the Crypto Universe by providing credibility. It will be powered by robust technology and will provide insights from most of the selected data, Sonagara added.

The super app that covers the global digital currency market aims to influence a wider community and help people to better understand cryptocurrencies and blockchain so that they can make informed decisions and better investment options.


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