‘Full House’ star Dave Coulier shares recovery from alcoholism

“Full House” star and metro Detroit native Dave Coulier has opened up on social media about being a recovering alcoholic.

“I was a drunk. Yes. An alcoholic. I’ve been alcohol free since January 1, 2020,” wrote Coulier in an Instagram post Thursday, sharing in frank terms with his 1.2 million followers how drinking had affected his life.

The 62-year-old comedian and actor, best known for his long-running role as Joey Gladstone on the ABC sitcom that ran from 1987 to 1995, described himself as “the life of the party” when he drank and posted a photo of himself with a bloodied nose and face.

“I could make people laugh until they fell down. In this picture I was the one who fell down. Not because I was playing hockey or doing the things I love — like chopping wood or doing construction, golfing, fishing or flying airplanes. I was hammered and fell, going up some stairs made of stone.”

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