Former ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Dishes On Amy Schneider Behind The Scenes

A former “Jeopardy!” contestant just spilled the beans on which current champion Amy schneider it’s really like in person!

Former contestant Terry Wolfisch Cole completed his recording of “Jeopardy!” in November 2021. At the time, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the studio audience was made up entirely of eager “Jeopardy!” contestants waiting their turn behind the podium.

None of the episodes with Amy Schneider had aired yet, so Cole was relieved that he would not face the former champion. Matt Amodio and his record streak of 38 consecutive wins that placed him just behind the current host Ken jennings for the most wins in “Jeopardy!” history.

However, when the announcer Johnny gilbert started announcing Amy and her new winning streak, Cole was absolutely stunned!

Cole says Amy burned the questions ‘like a flamethrower’

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“We thought they were joking,” Cole said in an interview with SFGate. “The last episode of Matt Amodio aired between the time my cohort got the call and the time we went to the recording. So we thought we really dodged a bullet. “

“We still didn’t know there was a champion among us, from what we knew, we thought we were all new contestants,” he continued. “And then they did the first rehearsal round, and she burned it like a flamethrower.”

Later, Schneider told Cole that the essay questions were repeated, so he easily skipped the practice questions. However, once the actual match began, Schneider continued to outperform his opponents.

During that game, Schneider correctly answered twenty-nine questions and only guessed three incorrectly. This gave him a winning total of $ 25,400. Cole came in second with an impressive $ 13,400 prize pool.

Although he came in second place, he can still boast of one thing – he didn’t answer a question incorrectly throughout the game! Cole had only good things to say about his experience on the show “Jeopardy!” stage, and about meeting Amy Schneider in person.

Amy Schneider just passed the million dollar milestone!

Amy schneider
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On Friday, January 7, “Jeopardy Amy,” as her fans know her, took on a speech-language pathologist named Sean and a social studies teacher named Patsy. At the start of the show, Amy was a 27-day champion with earnings of $ 977,400.

At the end of the game, Schneider has secured an insurmountable advantage and won the game with $ 42,200. This gave him a 28-day total of $ 1,019,600, officially breaking the million dollar mark! Her latest win makes Amy the fifth “Jeopardy!” millionaire, and fourth to do so in the regular game!

On Friday, “Jeopardy!” shared some insights into the stats of some of his fan favorite players on his Instagram page. They wrote, “We are all getting more and more obsessed with ‘Jeopardy!’ See how current champion Amy Schneider’s average winnings per game stack up against Ken Jennings, James Holzhauer and future Tournament of Champions competitor Matt Amodio. “

Amy schneider
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After winning her 26th game, Amy averaged $ 36,538 per game. Ken made slightly less, winning $ 33,609 in his 75 games. Matt Amodio fared slightly better, averaging $ 38,938 over his 39 games. However, it was James holzhauer That really stood out. Their average winnings per game were $ 74,613 per game, which is almost double the rest of the contestant’s average winnings per game!

“That’s impressive, especially considering that Amy is generally conservative with Daily Double bets compared to Matt, who used them to set his breaks early most of the time,” noted one fan.

“I am convinced that James will never be caught,” wrote another. “Love them all though!”

Holzhauer won 32 games in 2019, meaning “Jeopardy Amy,” as her fans know her, is just days away from breaking her winning streak. However, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to exceed your average winnings per game. James has become famous for going all in on his “Double Jeopardy!” And consistently made over $ 50,000 per episode!

Even if Amy can’t beat Holzhauer’s winning streak, fans are still hoping to see her return to face Matt Amodio in the 2022 Tournament of Champions. The release date has yet to be revealed, but fans are eager to see all of it. its 38th season “Jeopardy!” favorites back on stage to compete for the last time!

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