Ernest In Disguise, New NFT Bursting onto the Solana Blockchain

Disclaimer: The text below is a publicity piece that was not written by journalists.

What if I told you that the most exciting thing to happen in art was finally released this year? Well, it happened today! The long-awaited Ernest In Disguise Discord server is now live and subscribers can’t miss their chance. Joining this new community of fans of the work of Marvel artist Carlos Datolli for the first time, his iconic pieces will set the senses ablaze with a seductive vitality that will make every day feel like Sunday morning again.

Ernest was a misfit in his previous life until he visited Earth, where something fascinating happened; crossed the unexpected path of love and connection. Ernest, a friendly alien from the Cryzal galaxy, has built 6000 creepy, playful and evil costumes. The costumes are in the form of non-expendable three-dimensional tokens with a fair representation of different cultures, movies, and cult Halloween legends. Some of the characters are references to horror movies like Chucky and Scream, Friday the 13th and many more.

The world of non-expendable tokens is heating up, with Ernest In Disguise at the forefront. The company’s impressive collectibles dominate social platforms in the United States and around the world through influencers like Amber Rose, The Game, and Neyo. There’s never been a better time to jump into this fun new trend!

It’s not just about having an amazing PFP, Ernest’s team strives to create something more. Her goal is for her project and the NFT space to be a community of art-loving people who have pledged loyalty in the progress of the project’s roadmap and in giving back to the community for their participation. The first 25% of the collection you mints will be eligible for a drawing to win 66 Solana Tokens. With 50% sales, they plan to launch a 10% limited edition merchandise line. That means there will be 600 people who will have their own Ernest NFT and can proudly wear it as their favorite item of clothing. Prepare to launch with pride – ET has arrived in style once again.

With a 75% sale, the team will create a full-blown Ernest comic. Token holders are invited to have their specific non-fungible tokens as cameos on his various adventures and get a sneak peek at what he’s up to!

In a full sale, the team will present 1000 Solana to 10 lucky winners (100 SOL each). However, the exercise will be fair game. Winners will be determined by the number of raffle tickets held by token holders; 1 token counts for 1 raffle ticket. Winners will be decided 48 hours after project launch, so stay for the main announcement.

Ernest’s holders will also be airdropped at a time to be determined after the mint in which a non-expendable spaceship token will go alongside his non-expendable Ernest token. No one knows where the spaceship will take Ernest; investors are therefore urged to keep an eye out for Ernest’s journey.

Ernest In Disguise is a safe bet project. In addition to the fantastic artwork, Ernest Discord is popping up for reasons like countless giveaways, amazing products, mega extravagance, and mind-blowing comic book series. Stay tuned for the big date, November 28, 2021.

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