Dev Patel, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Kingsley Join Roald Dahl Netflix Movie – The Hollywood Reporter

Benedict Cumberbatch, Dev Patel, Ralph Fiennes and Ben Kingsley have tackled Wes Anderson’s most recent feature film, an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s collection of short stories. The wonderful story of Henry Sugar and six more which is set up on Netflix.

Anderson wrote the script and directs the adaptation; Filming begins this month in the UK. The project is the first to run since Netflix acquired the Roald Dahl Story Company in fall 2021 in a highly successful deal that gave the streamer the rights to the author’s entire catalog. However, it is unclear how long Anderson has been developing the project, but the filmmaker is a fan of the writer’s work, having previously adapted Fantastic Mr. Fox as a stop-motion feature in 2009.

Netflix declined to comment on the castings.

The volume, published in 1982, features both fiction and non-fiction. The title story centers on Henry Sugar, a man who steals a book that shows him how to see through objects and predict the future. This sets off a series of misadventures that involve evading mob minions, working with a Hollywood makeup artist to create new identities, and establishing orphanages around the world.

While it’s unclear what roles Patel, Fiennes, and Kingsley are playing, it is known that Cumberbatch will not only play Sugar, but will also act as a link to the other stories by playing multiple roles throughout.

Anderson is known for using a familiar repertoire of actors for his films. Fiennes starred in the director’s film The Grand Budapest HotelBut Cumberbatch, Patel, and Kingsley are newcomers to Anderson’s feature film world.

Cumberbatch is currently starring in worldwide hit with a $ 1 billion gross Spider-Man: No Way Home and come back like good Doctor Strange with Strange doctor in the multiverse of madness, expires May 2022. It is represented by UTA.

Patel received praise for his work at A24’s The Green Knight, released in July 2021, while Fiennes is currently on screens with King’s man. Kingsley stole scenes in the recent Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings.

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