CMO on arena still being called Staples Center

The Los Angeles Lakers are among the teams that will soon refer to the Staples Center as Arena., a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange, recently made a deal worth $ 700 million to have the naming rights to the arena in downtown Los Angeles that has been called Staples Center since 1999.

The move, which was announced in mid-November, began trending on social media almost immediately, and the general consensus from fans was that the arena would always be called the Staples Center.’s chief marketing officer recently discussed the company’s thoughts on this in an interview with The Athletic’s Bill Oram:

“He or she will call it whatever they want, and we will agree to that,” said Steven Kalifowitz,’s chief marketing officer. “It is part of a larger strategy to let people know who we are.”

“I’m glad they say, ‘The company that took over the Staples Center,'” said Kalifowitz. “Over time, it really comes down to business growth.”

Kalifowitz said the change should happen gradually rather than refer it to the Arena right away:

“People resist change. I realize that, “Kalifowitz said, adding that he’s still a little taken aback seeing the exit signs for” Citi Field “instead of” Shea Stadium “when he’s at home in New York. “People will change when they are ready.”

Kalifowitz later said that Staples, the company behind the name change, is just the name people are hooked on, not the company itself.

“The Staples Center is not that old; the naming rights partner, I don’t know if they’re still in business, “said Kalifowitz. “There is a file attached to the name, but not the company.”

The name change will go into effect around Christmas, so it won’t be long until Staples starts to slip out of people’s mouths. The signage has also started the removal process, so will soon have your name all over the building.


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