Crypto 401(k): The risks of a crypto retirement savings plan

There’s no other way to look at this, the crypto currency market has been crashing for the better part of the last two months. Investors who are securing their 401(k) in this type of coin are truly at risk of losing most of it because they trusted a fluctuating market that had all the risks of collapsing. Being this volatile was ultimately what made people become convinced that making major investments on crypto was a good idea.

One day it was all the way up, and the next day it became uncertain with another massive drop. Ups and downs were the norm with this currency, so why trust crypto to save your 401(k) in there? The United States Department of Labor has been warning investors about this route for a different reason as well.

Can you breach legal obligations with a crypto 401(k) plan?

According to the US Labor Department, the plan to launch the nation’s first crypto accessible 401(k) this summer is not going to play by the rules of the state. The company ForUsAll Inc. is actually suing the department over threats to investigate all crypto currency-friendly retirement plans.

This plan is set to allow employee investors to transfer up to 5% of their nest eggs directly into more than 50 different cryptocurrencies. Federal regulators won’t like this because the move is likely to transform the role of digital assets between them and fintech firms. ForUsAll should be the first test case to determine whether crypto holdings will help or damage employee portfolios.

Companies like this one will still have the regular 401(k) but going the crypto way should keep investors protected due to the built-in investor protections. The company revealed they have a fail safe in order to protect everyone who makes this decision. But the Department of Labor is not so convinced about this, they even got support from President Joe Biden recently after he demanded a thorough investigation into the risks this new initiative poses.

Limits need to be set for all investors and paying their taxes needs to be extremely well monitored. Mainly, the government is afraid they won’t get all the proper tax paid if these investments are made through crypto. On the other hand, you got a market that can potentially make your retirement plan grow exponentially, depending on which cryptocurrencies you put your money on. If you have the choice, would you want to have a crypto 401(k) retirement plan?


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