Companies with the most cryptocurrency positions

The market for digital currency is expanding and it’s creating brand new jobs in its wake.

In 2021, crypto-related job postings on Indeed emerged by 118%, according to technology insights platform TechRepublic. In June of 2022, despite a volatile cryptocurrency landscape, searches for crypto-related jobs rose by 560%, according to cryptocurrency job search platform

The spike in job openings comes in the midst of industry-wide layoffs by some of the biggest names in crypto, including Coinbase, which let go of 1,100 people in June alone — 18% of its workforce. But according to Ben Weiss, founder and CEO of CoinFlip, a global cryptocurrency platform with over 4,000 crypto ATMs nationwide, these conflicting trends are simply the sign of a still-developing space.

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“Right now there’s sort of a crypto winter where prices are down across the board,” Weiss says. “But cryptocurrency is so much more than the prices. That’s why you see traditional firms like Deloitte hiring people for cryptocurrency and for blockchain — because if you take away the noise around prices, people are still innovating.”

Many of the companies going through large-scale layoffs are organizations whose business models depend on the price of the currency itself, according to Weiss. Meanwhile, the companies that are hiring are dependent on the industry, which is still progressing.

In the past week, 600 crypto-related jobs appeared on listing sites, compared to 388 the week prior. These positions range from software engineering to HR positions within crypto companies. The surge, Weiss explains, is proof of industry growth as companies like CoinFlip invest in things like legal teams, marketing teams and compliance.

“The thing people don’t necessarily always think about with cryptocurrency companies is that business is still business,” Weiss says. “Just because it’s a cryptocurrency company, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t need the traditional jobs as well. The biggest mistake people make is not applying for a crypto job because they don’t think they know enough about crypto.”

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I think [traditional companies adding crypto jobs] gives a lot of credibility to the industry,” Weiss says. “We think of crypto as like a separate industry, and now we’re merging the two, and we’re going to see crypto and blockchain as a natural part of any industry.”

Below are the top 10 companies with the most crypto-related job openings this month:


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