Cardi B and Cuban Doll Beef Reignites

Cardi B and Cuban Doll have rekindled their meat in spectacular fashion on Twitter.

Earlier tonight (January 8), it seems the whole back and forth began when a fan account shared that Cuban had posted a photo of Nicki Minaj on his Instagram stories, hinting that Minaj had been the inspiration for the outfit. with Cuban leopard print. in a music video that’s coming out.

Cardi finally found out about the posts after another fan account responded with an old video of the rapper “Bodak Yellow” showing love for Cuban. Cardi responded in a tweet that she has since been removed saying that people don’t have a reason to hate her and that it’s just a car mentality.

Cuban then began sending multiple subliminal tweets to Cardi that have also been deleted. But Invasion of privacy The rapper managed to screen some of Cuban’s initial tweets, two of which said, “I pray a man doesn’t marry me just to fool me … that’s the next level OD DISRESPECT” and “I could never be inspired. by someone I don’t listen to. Just stop trying to impose that on me. “

Cardi captioned the screenshots with: “You started all this shit with those two NOW DELETED tweets being shady about inspiration and then my husband. Now that I reply, am I wrong?”

Cuban then responded, saying that she and Cardi haven’t been on the same page since Offset was allegedly trying to sleep with Cuban. This is a notable turning point in the conversation because Cardi later tweeted a video from 2019 in which Cuban tells a TMZ reporter that he did not know Offset or had never spoken to him at the time.

To take her point even further, Cardi posted direct messages between herself, a Cuban, where Cuban denies that he knew anything about Offset’s infidelity situation.

But then Cuban sent perhaps the most revealing tweet of the night. She claimed in a since-deleted post that she was paid to clear Offset’s name in the 2018 cheating scandal where a woman named Summer Bunni claimed the Migos rapper wanted to have a threesome with her and Cuban.

Cardi then questioned why Cuban has changed his story so many times and fired a final shot that seemed to relate to why the swings started in the first place.

Finally, the two rappers sent their latest tweets about the situation, at least for the moment.

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