Bob Dylan Brands Sex Abuse Lawsuit a ‘Brazen Shakedown’

Bob Dylan and his attorneys are calling the sexual abuse lawsuit filed against him in New York last summer a “ridiculous” appropriation of money by an unbalanced “psychic” who once said she had been “abducted by aliens. and piloted his spaceship. “

“This case, based on the plaintiff’s alleged interactions with Bob Dylan more than 56 years ago, is a blatant crackdown masquerading as a lawsuit. You were filed in bad faith for the improper purpose of obtaining a large payment for the threat of negative publicity. The accusation is false, malicious, reckless and defamatory. Mr. Dylan will not be extorted, ”he responded to the complaint filed Thursday in a state court in the states of Manhattan.

The 80-year-old singer-songwriter was sued on August 13 by a woman who identified herself only by the initials JC on her documentation. According to her complaint, Dylan “exploited” her status as a famous musician to gain her trust, harassed her with alcohol and drugs, and then sexually abused her when she was only 12 years old.

Their initial lawsuit said the alleged abuse took place between April and May 1965 at the Chelsea Hotel in Manhattan. After historians and supporters of Dylan argued that the musician was not even in New York during that time period, rendering his claims “chronologically impossible,” the unidentified woman filed an amended complaint that changed the period of time to “spring” of the same year.

In his scathing response, Dylan and his attorneys criticized the accuser as a lying fabulist. “According to her own website, the plaintiff is a psychic who specializes in ‘channeling’ deceased loved ones of bereaved families, for a fee,” the new filing states. It claims that the accuser not only claimed that she had been abducted by aliens, but allegedly also claims that she “talks to cats, dogs and other animals, living and dead, as well as insects and plants.”

“Neither my client nor his attorney is going to be intimidated,” said Peter Gleason, one of the prosecutor’s attorneys. Rolling Stone Thursday while defending his client’s job as a professional psychic.

“Some people refer to Bob Dylan as a prophet. People have labels. More than half of Americans believe in psychic phenomena. If you are going to attack someone for their beliefs, you are invading very dangerous territory. This is what this country is based on, freedom of belief. It should not divert our attention from the accusations. This case is about the facts. “

In the response filed Thursday, Dylan and his attorneys said there was virtually no chance the “Blowin ‘in the Wind” singer and 10-time Grammy winner would pay a pesky settlement to make the case go away.

“Messrs. Dylan may have seemed like an easy target for the attorneys who filed and hoped to profit from this fraudulent lawsuit. They probably assumed that he would not be willing to fight and would instead pay extortion to avoid the charge, the publicity and the expense of defending themselves. They could not have been more wrong. Mr. Dylan seeks and will achieve justice, vindication and full accountability, “promises the applicant.

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