Axie Infinity, Budblockz, and Gods Unchained

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Cryptocurrencies can be credited with ushering in the revolutionary concept of decentralized finance (DeFi), which limits the involvement of third-party institutions like banks and brokerage firms. The DeFi model enables the investor to gain control of the investment mechanism while reducing the need for unexpected charges like brokerage or transaction charges. The success of cryptocurrencies has enabled innovators to roll out more blockchain-based assets with which investors can do more than just invest – from earning rewards with blockchain-based games to building dApps and sending cross-border payments.

If you are confused about how to pick the best cryptocurrency to invest in, you start by simply researching some of the top names like BudBlockz ($BLUNT)Axie Infinity ($AXS), and Gods Unchained ($GODS).

BudBlockz: Where Decentralization Meets Cannabis Markets

BudBlockz is an Ethereum-compatible platform that enables its users to explore opportunities offered by the global cannabis market. It aims to increase the adoption and accessibility of cannabis-based products worldwide. With BudBlockz, users can access an open-source platform to analyze information and learn more about cannabis, its products, and the laws regulating its use and sale. Its native token, $BLUNT, is the primary cryptocurrency for the network and can be used for multiple transactional purposes like liquidity management, NFT trading, earning rewards, and buying or selling cannabis products.

BudBlockz is also working on launching a play-to-earn arcade game based on cannabis themes where users will be able to earn airdrops and rewards in $BLUNT tokens. Gamers will also get to compete against other communities across the world.

With BudBlockz’s solutions, marijuana corporations can look forward to tackling challenges they commonly face while handling logistics, data management, fundraising, and seed-to-sale tracking.

The total supply of the $BLUNT Token is 420,000,000, and around 25.6% of these tokens have been allocated for presale. The platform has also dedicated another 6.4% to private sales. Of the remaining supply, 18% of tokens would be set aside for marketing activities and 25% for managing liquidity. The tokens set aside for founders and project partners will have a lock-in period of a year, while those allocated for marketing activities will be vested for 90 days.

With BudBlockz, users can also trade and mint NFTs and explore a new source of passive income. Its NFT series will be called Ganja Guruz and the total number of NFTs in the series will be fixed at 10,000. By holding these NFTs, users will be able to gain fractional membership to BudBlockz’s cannabis parks and dispensaries across the world.

BudBlockz enjoys a clear advantage given how it gives investors multiple opportunities to generate passive income and wealth. It will also appeal to gamers as it has plans to launch a play-to-earn game that will offer attractive rewards and prizes. It could deliver huge returns in the long term as the presale has generated a lot of interest among buyers.

Axie Infinity Announces Halloween Rewards

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn platform where users can collect collectible creatures called Axies and trade them. Axie Infinity’s native token $AXS serves as the primary cryptocurrency for the network. In a recent development, Axie Infinity announced its Halloween Bonus – AXS Leaderboard Rewards. Under the rewards, the top 20,000 players on Halloween will be eligible for a prize pool of 10,000 $AXS Tokens. These rewards will be awarded based on the Season 1 Origins leaderboard rankings on the day of Halloween and will be distributed after an anti-cheat review.

Gods Unchained Launches Light’s Verdict Expansion Pack

Gods Unchained is a free digital trading card game where users can play blockchain-based games and trade cryptocurrencies. It’s native token $GODS is the primary cryptocurrency on the network. Users can collect rare cards, build a deck and sell these cards to other players at attractive prices. Recently, Gods Unchained launched its new Light’s Verdict Expansion Pack. It will be apart of the $70,000 battle for the Light Tournament and will be available for two weeks.

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