9-year-old girl killed, 3 injured after crash involving school bus near Desert Hot Springs

A 9-year-old girl died and three children were injured after being hit by a car near Desert Hot Springs.

Monica González Guzmán, 9, was killed, the coroner’s office said Thursday night.

A Cal Fire spokesperson told News Channel 3 that two children were seriously injured and another slightly injured. Minutes later, one of the children was pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver of the other vehicle involved was also hospitalized.

The accident occurred at the intersection of Aurora Road and Corkill Drive shortly before 4 p.m.

A California Highway Patrol captain told News Channel 3’s Jake Ingrassia that the driver of a white Cadillac struck the back of the school bus, then while attempting to circle the bus, knocking down a speed limit sign before striking four students walking home from a bus stop.

CHP continues to investigate the circumstances behind the accident.

News Channel 3’s Jake Ingrassia confirmed that officers are treating this as a crime scene.

Joan Boiko, spokeswoman for the Palm Springs Unified School District, confirmed that the school bus is coming from Rancho Mirage High School. The students who were hit by the vehicle had been dropped off by a different school bus that came from Julius Corsini Elementary School, in Hacienda.

Full PSUSD Statement:

PSUSD officials were contacted shortly before 4:30 pm this afternoon following a report that one of our buses was struck from behind. We later learned that the driver who hit the bus continued to drive and ran over four local students who had been dropped off at their bus stop and were heading home. We later learned that one of the children died and two others were injured and taken to a local hospital.

“It is overwhelming to hear and process this type of tragic news,” said the Superintendent. from Dr. Mike Swize Schools. “We want our families and staff to know that we are here to provide the support they need now or in the days and weeks ahead. Everyone in the Palm Springs Unified School District expresses our condolences at this difficult time.

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