5 times quickfire crypto traders bought the news for double (or triple) digit profits

Why do crypto traders “buy the rumor, sell the news”?

Simple. Because rumors of reputable exchange listings or associations reach very few people … whereas an article on Cointelegraph can reach hundreds of thousands of crypto enthusiasts in seconds. While the insiders are quietly hoarding tokens on rumors, the rest of us are completely ignorant of what may happen.

But with the rumors, there are no guarantees. Which can lead to disappointment and a huge investment loss for those traders who bet they are true … and end up wrong.

So how can you possibly compete with thousands of other market participants when big news really does come out? You would have to be one of the first to know to hit the price before it goes up.

Take a look at the examples below – the time between a well-saved ad and a massive 144% price hike can be just a few minutes!

NewsQuakes ™ on the data intelligence platform Cointelegraph Markets Pro allows you to fully outsource the monitoring of the crypto news space to AI. The machine learning algorithm automatically analyzes thousands of relevant sources and instantly alerts members via mobile notifications when potential market-moving events are detected.

NewsQuake ™ ads come from primary sources like exchange websites, Medium posts, or project Twitter accounts, which means operators don’t have to wait for the media or their favorite influencers to turn raw information into an history.

Extensive research has identified three types of news: trade, betting and association announcements – which are more likely to provoke strong rallies.

Here are 5 stories that alerted traders to massive profit opportunities in 2021 … and some dramatic illustrations of how NewsQuakes ™ informed Markets Pro members.

WAX (WAXP): + 144% in 2 hours

WAXP Price According to Cointelegraph Markets Pro NewsQuake ™

Exchange listings reliably increase the prices of cryptocurrencies, especially when it comes to a small or mid-cap coin that is listed on a major exchange.

On August 23, before the news of WAXP’s listing on Binance came, the token was trading at 18 cents. Within two hours of the announcement, the price of WAX soared to 44 cents. In this situation, getting the news quickly was key.

As you can see from the chart, the NewsQuake ™ alert (red circle) appeared just before the price of WAX soared.

Decentraland (MANA): 111% in 96 hours

MANA price after Cointelegraph Markets Pro NewsQuake ™

Now it’s hard to believe that in March 2021, long before Facebook’s rebranding to Meta and the associated hype around the pool of assets now widely known as metaverse tokens, MANA was trading at just $ 0.55.

On March 12, the announcement that OKEx was enabling margin trading for the asset excited crypto investors and sparked a long rally that saw MANA go from $ 0.55 to $ 1.16 over the next four days. The sooner merchants bought NewsQuake ™, the more profit they could have made for themselves …

Polygon (MATIC): + 90% in 50 hours

MATIC price following Cointelegraph Markets Pro NewsQuake ™

On February 23, amid a cooldown that followed the first leg of the week’s big rally, the announcement of MATIC’s debut on Binance Staking gave the asset a powerful second wind. (The red circle indicates Markets Pro NewsQuake ™).

The resulting rally propelled the coin from $ 0.11 to its all-time high of over $ 0.21, an increase of 90%. Today this may seem minor in light of the token’s annual ROI of over 11,000%, but on that day, traders were surely happy with the price of MATIC “only” almost doubling.

VeChain (VET): + 46% in 52 hours

VET price following Cointelegraph Markets Pro NewsQuake ™

A great example of shocking partnership news is VeChain’s announcement of its collaboration with the accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers that was released on April 12.

It wasn’t a huge surprise that news of the business-oriented blockchain project gaining access to the customer base of one of the big four firms increased the token’s price by 46% over the four days out of two.

In this case, Markets Pro’s NewsQuake ™ came significantly ahead of the big rally.

Amp (AMP): + 42% in one hour

AMP Price According to Cointelegraph Markets Pro NewsQuake ™

On November 23, a post on Binance’s Twitter account announced that the AMP digital collateral token was scheduled to be listed on the exchange. Markets Pro users received their almost instant NewsQuake ™ alerts in seconds.

It was a very clean breakout – apparently, no one posted the news, and the token price spiked immediately after the public announcement, skyrocketing from $ 0.050 to $ 0.071 in just one hour, a 42% gain.

Timing was of the essence here, and Cointelegraph Markets Pro members who got the news early thanks to the NewsQuake ™ alert found themselves ahead of the pack.

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